About Us

EnglishHelper Technologies Pvt. Ltd was established in 2009 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Boston-based English Helper Inc. We offer unique technology solutions to improve English language proficiency.

English is increasingly the language of choice in today’s social and business environments. English speaking and comprehension skills can help fulfill the aspirations of millions of people.

EnglishHelper™ is seeking to make a difference by helping people become english literate as relevant to their context. We are committed to promoting technology enabled learning, in the affordable way, to large numbers of people across a range of user groups.

EH’s new age technology solutions aim to make the English language comprehensible and easy. They take the pain out of learning English.

EH’s technology solutions aim to make learning English language easy and fun.

EnglishHelper™ solutions are used by schools, higher education students, skill building organisations, companies, and individuals from all walks of life.