Schools use ReadToMe™, which has tools that help students improve their reading and comprehension skills. Our approach is teacher friendly; no extra classes! We help integrate ReadToMe™ into the class timetable and enable teachers to plan their lessons to support these classes.

Individuals such as professionals, job seekers, homemakers, students, and many others use EnglishHelper™customized Learning Programs, which are delivered using ReadToMe™ and WritingAssistant™.

Our products can be used anywhere. Most of our customers and partner organizations use our products in their computer labs, training centres or classrooms. Some organizations also support “learn when you can” at their employees' workspace.

Our products cater to learners of all ages and at various proficiency levels.

Schools use our products to improve English language proficiency (using their own text books). Students learn one to one in computer labs or one to many in classrooms.

Vocation training centres leverage our “Supervised Self-Learning” model to enhance the English proficiency of trainees.

Business organizations support English skill development of their workforce using our “Empowered Self- Learning” Model.

Individuals from around the world; use our customized programs enabling them to learn at their convenience, at their pace and in their context.

EnglishHelper™ conducts assessments using our proprietary online test platform to determine a learner‘s English proficiency.

When EnglishHelper™ solutions are used in schools, teachers are able to track student progress through the schools' existing assessment schedule e.g. class tests and term examinations. If needed, EnglishHelper™ provides assistance by providing tracking and reporting templates. In certain cases, EnglishHelper™ engages credible independent assessment partners to enable measurement of progress.

Individuals using EnglishHelper™ learning programs may undertake periodic assessments.

Have you checked out our demo videos of Learning Programs, ReadToMe™ and WritingAssistant™ . You are welcome to contact us to schedule a demo of our products.