Languages are learnt, initially, by listening and speaking. Subsequently, further language related development is supported by reading and writing. When early learners begin reading it is best the text they read contains familiar words, phrases and sentences used to describe context that is familiar as well. This makes reading easy and fun. Reading in turn opens the door to acquiring enhanced language skills and enables the reader to explore new concepts. With increased language proficiency, it is also possible to communicate effectively in writing.

English is learnt similarly. However, Learning English phonics is often challenging since the sounds of individual English letters maybe different when the letters come together to form syllables and words. When learners are not exposed to English in their everyday environments, understanding English phonics become an even larger hurdle to overcome.

EnglishHelper™ offers learning programs that are designed for learners at various levels of proficiency. These programs are supported by unique learning technology that enables learners to listen, read and speak at their pace. Early learners are offered customized options from the General Programs category. These programs contain text that pertains to everyday life, so that learners recognize the content cognitively. For example, StartHelper™, a program for beginners, introduces English greetings and days of the week in its early modules.

Learners at higher levels of proficiency may be offered customized options from the Special Programs category. These contain texts that pertain to a particular context. Learners find this relevant and engaging. For example, TeachHelper™, a program for teachers who are just above basic English proficiency has modules on effective communication with parents and lesson planning.

General Programs

Special Programs

  • StartHelper™ is aimed at people who are beginners in English, have a basic knowledge of the alphabet and can recognize the English script. This program enables learners to increase their vocabulary and use everyday words in simple sentences.
  • StartHelper+™ is aimed at low proficiency learners who have limited English vocabulary and are not able to apply it to have conversations in the language. This program aims for learners to increase vocabulary, read short passages and to begin communicating meaningfully through short sentences for simple, everyday conversations.
  • BasicHelper™ is aimed at learners who are able to read short passages in English and convey meaning through short sentences in conversations. This program enables learners to read and comprehend passages. Also, as they complete the program, they develop confidence to conduct meaningful conversations using relevant words and sentences.
  • FirstHelper™ is aimed at learners who are able to read and converse in English, but want to improve sentence construction and pronunciation. After undergoing the program, they are able to read long passages, converse at reasonable length on various topics, describe situations, and explain a viewpoint. They will also gain a higher level of confidence while speaking in English and can initiate and hold conversations in the language.
  • Everyday English Programs are designed for individuals who want to improve their English proficiency ‘on the go’. These programs consist of ‘byte size’ modules enabling learning while on the move i.e. traveling, waiting or between tasks and chores. These are 10 hour programs including English for Early Learners, English for Advanced Learners, Interview Skills, Social and Professional Etiquette.
  • NextHelper™ is aimed at people who can read and speak English with a reasonably high level of confidence, but who need to refine their use of the language, minimize errors in spoken English, and improve pronunciation and sentence construction. Learners are exposed to a number job-related skills which enhance their workplace effectiveness.Learners are exposed to a number of job-related skills which enhance their workplace effectiveness.
  • JobHelper™ is designed for individuals who can speak English, but wish to gain very high confidence and fluency. This program is particularly useful for managers and those in leadership roles as it contains a variety of topics essential for effective leadership.
  • TeachHelper™ this product suite consists of three programs with 120 hours of learning content. The first program is for teachers or teacher aspirants with just above basic English proficiency. The next two programs are suitable for more proficient learners. These programs enable learners to improve their English proficiency, while refreshing key concepts in teaching.
  • TestHelper™ is designed to help individuals improve their proficiency for success in the TOEFL®. The program uses test-level content to provide over 100 hours of practice focused on reading, listening, speaking, and writing English.
  • Helper@Work™ this product suite consists of three programs and is designed for individuals who are either searching for jobs or are in entry-level roles looking to enhance their career. This program will enable learners to communicate in English. Learners are also exposed to concepts that will enhance their workplace effectiveness.